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We are a World Leader in Fulvic Acid Products for health and healing. The word MANA is Hawaiian and is defined as: Supernatural or divine power, miraculous power; to give mana to, to make powerful; to have mana, power. Mana is a word with no single English equivalent and also means a powerful Chi or Qi as in Chinese or Orgone energy in the west. The products of Mana Life give you MANA! They are based on modern and traditional use of humic substances, mushrooms, herbs and minerals. These products are based on solid worldwide scientific research and tradition.

Natural herbal remedy products for health & wellbeing

Robert Faust Ph.D Founder and President of Mana Life Laboratory is a world leader in the technology and application of humate derivatives including fulvic and humic acid as well as Asian medical Mushroom science. Mana Life Lab was started to produce Chinese natural medicines that utilize fulvic acid. Herbal supplements are also produced and include medicinal mushrooms in combination with herbs. These products have known benefits derived from ancient and modern sources.

Dr. Faust's fulvic and mushroom research began in the late 80's he developed a better method for culturing and utilizing medicinal mushrooms and their use in Asian medicine as part of his Ph.D research. Robert Faust had been doing biological farming research and organic farming since the 60's. Robert Faust farmed organically in Hawaii and grew herbs, mushrooms and learned that ancient Asian medicine can help us all in the west.

In exploring our site, you will find a significant amount of information and scientific data/links supporting our products. The Principals of Mana life Lab are scientists and a Doctor specializing in natural health based use of Humic Substances. Our natural herbal health products are based on Ancient and Modern Asian natural herbal medicine. Fulvic acid (Wujinsan) has been used as a medicine for many centuries as have mushroom extracts.

Most wujinsan users reporting to us report simply, "they feel better and have more energy". So can you!

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